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Iceatope is the number 1 name for Self Luminous Light Sources, also known as Isotopes or Betalights. These high quality Self Luminous Light Sources have been the number one choice for Anglers for many years, a testimony to the excellent value and reliability these units offer the user. At Iceatope we also offer a range of Self Luminous Light Source based products. Self Luminous Light Sources provide a visual aid in darkness to assist the user in avoiding injury or loss of equipment.




Introducing our Night Needle. This handy compact Baiting Needle comes with one of our Isotopes inside its Clear Body. This helps in night time location in Tackle Boxes and Bivvy’s.

The Night Needle comes with a 20mm Split Ring fitted which can be used as a “Hook Knot Puller” or simply used for hanging up ready for easy location when the Night Needle is needed.

With a 1.1mm High Carbon Steel Needle and a Clear VO polycarbonate Body and changeable Stainless Steel Needle and Isotope Mount, it is built to last.

Shaped to give maximum light reflection at night.

We offer a choice of 9 coloured Isotopes inside a Clear Night Needle.

For best performance we recommend the Night Needle as a Braid Baiting Needle.



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Bankstick Markers


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Nite Glowrings


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MegaGlow Markers


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