What is the brightest colour Isotope?

Brightness will appear different in certain colours, please remember this. Larger Self Luminous Light Sources will appear brighter than the same colour in smaller sizes. The list below is what we believe to be the order of brightness of these units. This is our own analysis and is to be used only as a guide.

Ice Green
Ice Blue
Ice Yellow
Ice White
Ice Orange
Ice UV Blue
Ice Red
Ice Purple


How many Isotopes do I get?

All our Isotopes on this website are sold individually, so please be sure to add the amount you need into your basket.


How long do Isotopes last?

Remaining continuously illuminated for more than 10 years, and even during prolonged periods of darkness, during which they need no maintenance of any kind. No battery, switch, charging or recharging by ambient light or electrical supply is required.


Postage and Shipping costs?

All UK orders are sent FREE by Royal Mail First Class Signed For Mail, or by Royal Mail Special Delivery if of a certain value.

We are only able to ship and invoice your items to the UK . No overseas shipping.


Do I have to switch an Isotope on or off?

No. They need no maintenance of any kind. No battery, switch, charging or recharging by ambient light or electrical supply is required.


What is the best way to fix an Isotope on to my Bite Alarm?

When fixing these Self Luminous Light Sources into slots in Bite Alarms, Fishing Rods or slots machined into your Bobbins/Hangers, it is best to fix them in with a Silicone/ Sealant type product. Apply a dab of Silicone/Sealant into the slots using a simple wooden toothpick or small precise instrument like a Baiting Needle, then carefully place the Self Luminous Light Source into the slot. Add a further layer of clear Silicone on top of the Self Luminous Light Source for increased protection. We strongly advise the user on not using a Super Glue type adhesive for fixing your Self Luminous Light Sources onto your equipment, because when installed on Fishing Rods, Bite Alarms etc…. it cannot be removed. With a Silicone/ Sealant type adhesive it can be removed easily without damage, meaning another Self Luminous Light Sources can be purchased and then replaced easily if and when a breakage occurs.

How safe are Isotopes?

Great care and attention must always be taken to avoid any breakages. These units are constructed of glass, and, if broken glass fragments can cause injury.

Not suitable for children.

It is important we advise you that these Self Luminous Light Sources should NOT be utilised in products that are not intended for use in safety, outdoor sports (fishing) or transportation applications.

Iceatope accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the health and safety of the user whilst using our products. By using our products you do so at your own risk.


What size Isotope do I need?

If you are unsure what size Isotope you need, normally a quick internet search will tell you. If you are still unsure then you can measure it yourself with a ruler to be 100% certain. We will always try to answer any questions if we are able to and help make sure you choose the correct size. enquiries@iceatope.co.uk


How strong are Isotopes?

Great care must be taken using these Self Luminous Light Sources, they are made of glass and therefore can be broken if handled carelessly. Please understand that if the sealed glass vial is broken or breached in any way then the unit will stop glowing. When using glass products breakages can happen, it has nothing to do with poor quality or faults. We advise you that if the Self Luminous Light Source has a breach/breakage whilst in your care then we will not give you a refund or a replacement. Glass items can break. Please understand this. Self Luminous Light Sources do not suit every situation that they are used for, it is your responsibility to decide if the Self Luminous Light Source that is made of glass will be suitable for the use you have. We accept no responsibility for any breakages or breaches to the Self Luminous Light Source whilst in your care.