The Firefly Champion Spark Marker plugs a gap in the survival tools market by offering fire lighting and self-luminous marking capabilities in a single, integrated unit. Dual use is achieved by combining the very best spark-generating materials with a trigalight® Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS) The only self-contained fire lighting tool which combines highly efficient sparking with magnesium-assisted ignition, all within a weatherproof, compact container. Using the highest quality ferrocerium (flint) rod which, when struck with the uniquely efficient ceramic blade, produces an intense shower of sparks. There is storage space inside the container for lint, plus a magnesium bar. By adding magnesium flakes to the lint, reliable ignition of your tinder nest can be achieved quickly and easily. This tool has become widely used for starting camping stoves when nothing else is at hand due to wet matches or lighters breaking. A must to keep in rucksacks when nothing else works!

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• The Champion includes everything you need to quickly get a fire going

• Integral, highly effective ceramic striker blade … by far the best available in the market

• Replaceable flint rod extends working life

• An intense shower of sparks every strike!

• Magnesium bar for accelerated tinder ignition, even in damp conditions (spares available)

• Integral trigalight® GTLS, 10+ years life

• High visibility orange finish

• No charging, batteries, bulbs or switches

• Reliable in all climatic conditions

• Cost-effective …no spares or maintenance



Specification Firefly Champion Spark Markers incorporate a trigalight® Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS) which provides a reliable, safe and self-powered source of continuous light output. No battery or charging by ambient light is required during the lifetime of the product. GTLS comprise a sealed borosilicate glass capsule which contains a tiny amount of gaseous tritium, the power supply for the device. Beta-particle radiation (ie. electrons, released by the gaseous tritium as it decays) is harnessed to energise a phosphor coating on the inside surface of the capsule, causing it to glow. As a sealed source, they are nonemissive and of very low energy levels, so there is no external radiation risk. Every trigalight® source light is manufactured and tested in accordance with the UK MOD Defence Standard 62/4. GTLS contain no moving parts and, because the unit is continuously energised, an off/on switch is not required. They will remain energised for more than 10 maintenance-free years, even during extended periods of complete darkness. Trigalight® devices can be used in any environmental conditions, even under water, and in temperatures ranging from -20º to 70ºC


Champion Spark Markers are housed in a light-weight, aluminium enclosure (container and screw fit toppiece, complete with rubber grommet) The GTLS dimensions are 3.0×12.0mm, visible through a grade V0 polycarbonate window designed for wide-angle viewing. The ceramic striker is embedded in the container, providing a firm platform for strike action against the cylindrical flint rod. A 7mm slot is able to accommodate wire or split-ring attachment devices with ease. The Champion is a tough, shock resistant tool. Length: 86.0mm Diameter: 12.0mm Weight: 15.0g. Maximum Activity: 1.0 GBq. GTLS Colour Options: Green / White / Ice-Blue




• Self-contained, survival fire-lighting

• Starting camping stoves

• Environmentally-friendly ignition source

• Equipment & stores location / identification

• Route, trench location / identification

• Personnel marking during night operations

• Marking of obstacles and hazards


Functional Finish and Form Elegant in appearance, Champion Markers are designed with simplicity and versatility in mind. As compact, lightweight and simple as possible, they will simply do the job and give years of safe, dependable, practical service.



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