Firefly Flint-Glow Markers incorporate a ferrocerium (flint) rod which, when struck with a steel blade, produces an intense shower of sparks for quick and reliable fire-lighting.

A self-luminous GTLS is also incorporated, enabling dual use of the FlintGlow Marker for quick identification or location of assets in low-light and in the dark without resorting to electric or chemical lights. Simple, reliable and effective, operational efficiency and safety are enhanced during darkness.

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Length: 44.0mm
Overall Weight: 5.0g
Split-Ring Diameter: 22.5mm
Flint Glow Markers contain a 3mm x 22.5mm GTLS.

A Flint Marker is NOT indestructible and it can break and if this happens it will stop glowing. So please understand that if you break a Flint Glow Marker or the GTLS inside we will NOT give you a refund or a replacement. The inner GTLS can be broken if the Flint Glow Marker is dropped onto a hard surface or if the Flint Glow Marker receives a hard blow. Sometimes to the Human Eye no damaged is visible and light will stop emitting, this is not a faulty GTLS as it is Scientifically impossible for the GTLS to stop working unless breached or past the time scale of its life.

All of our Flint Glow Markers are placed inside packets. This is then placed inside a padded jiffy bag, ensuring your Flint Glow Markers reach you in perfect condition.

Flint Glow Markers make a very cost effective way to light a location, with the bonus of a Flint Lighter on the side. The GTLS inside the Flint Glow Markers have a 12 year life.

Flint Glow Markers can be used in any environmental conditions, even under water, and in temperatures ranging from -20˚ to 70˚C. They are suitable for operation in Zone 0 hazardous areas. No heat signature. Flint Glow Markers are safety devices.

Brightness appears different in certain colours, this is not down to lower power in certain colours but purely down to the nature of the colour. An Ice Green or an Ice Blue we see as a crisp colour whereas an Ice Purple or an Ice Red we see as a duller colour.
Below is what we believe to be order of brightness.

Ice Green

Ice Blue

Ice Yellow

Ice White

Ice Orange

Ice UV Blue

Ice Red

Ice Purple

Ice Pink

Please remember that colours may look different from screen colour due to the type of photography used.

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Clear Ice Green, Clear Ice Blue, Clear Ice Yellow, Clear Ice White, Clear Ice Orange, Clear Ice UV Blue, Clear Ice Red, Clear Ice Purple, Clear Ice Pink, Tinted Ice Green, Tinted Ice Blue


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