Nite Glowrings


This self illuminating safety device has been designed for marking equipment and personal property that may need to be found in the event of an emergency during the hours of darkness. They are not going to light a room up or help you read a book, just to be seen and emit a glow.

Different colours appear brighter than others, obviously bright sharp colours like green, yellow and white will look brighter than darker colours like red and purple and pink. Please remember this when ordering.

Authorised UK Stockist of Genuine Nite Glowrings.

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Size Guide

Clear or tinted polycarbonate GlowRing hexagonally shaped and is approximately 48mm tall and 10mm across flats of the hexagon (approximately 1.89 inches tall and 0.39 inches across flats).

All Glowrings contain inside a 3mm x 22.5mm Tritium Isotope/Betalight.

Fitted is a 20mm Split keyring.

Overall Weight: 6.0g.


Although tough the Nite GlowRing is NOT indestructible the inner tritium Isotope/Betalight can break and if this happens it will stop glowing. So please understand that if you break the Isotope inside the Glowring we will NOT give you a refund or a replacement. The tritium Isotope/Betalight inside can be broken if the Glowring is dropped onto a hard surface or if the Glowring receives a hard blow. The outer polycarbonate case of the Glowring is tough and may not show signs of damage even though the Glowring has received a blow hard enough to cause damage.

Sometimes to the Human Eye no damaged is visible and light will stop emitting, this is not a faulty Glowring as it is Scientifically impossible for the Isotope/Betalight inside to stop working unless breached or past the time scale of its life.


All Glowrings are sent inside padded jiffy bags or larger orders in cardboard mailing boxes to ensure protection throughout its journey.

Life Span

These Glowrings make a very cost effective way to light a location. The Glowrings Isotope/Betalight has a 12 years half life span.


Glowrings can be used in any environmental conditions, even under water, and in temperatures ranging from -20˚ to 70˚C. They are suitable for operation in Zone 0 hazardous areas. No heat signature.


Brightness appears different in certain colours, this is not down to lower power in certain colours but purely down to the nature of the colour. An Ice Green or an Ice Blue we see as a crisp colour whereas an Ice Purple or an Ice Red we see as a duller colour. The Nite Glowrings supplied by us here at Iceatope are classed as full maximum power output for colour.

Please remember that colours may look different from screen colour due to the type of photography used
Below is what we believe to be order of brightness.
Ice Green
Ice Blue
Ice Yellow
Ice White
Ice Orange
Ice UV Blue
Ice Red
Ice Pink
Ice Purple


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